60th Anniversary

60 years serving our community

Waterford Credit Union is proudly celebrating its’ 60th anniversary in 2023. 

We have planned an array of events marking the occasion, including performances in this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parades in Waterford and Tramore, a mayoral reception, a gala evening for members and competitions in local schools/in-branch.

Over the year we will be looking back on the history of Waterford Credit Union and where it all began. After 60 years of serving our community, we are proud to be serving over 34,000 members across three branches in our common bond.

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St Patrick's Day Parade

Waterford Credit Union has joined forces with Spraoi and City of Brass Waterford to celebrate its’ 60th anniversary in the Waterford parade. The float was inspired by the bee, who gathers pollen, saves it and collects honey for the winter. This is similar to our members, who like to save money with Waterford Credit Union.

The Waterford Credit Union parade entry consisted of a giant mobile honeycomb accompanied by a swarm of musical bees. Our float remained in the Waterford City parade, while the Tramore parade had its own themed and costumed presentation. 

Stay tuned for more events and celebrations throughout the year!

A look back through the years....