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Spend Local this Christmas with our FREE Member Reward Card

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At Waterford Credit Union we are encouraging members to spend local this Christmas and support local businesses where possible. With this in mind, we are proud to have launched our free Member Reward Card.

The aim of the Reward Card is to help members save money on the products and services they use every day and in turn, encourage members to support local businesses and shop local.

Shopping local can impact so much more than we would expect. In support of our local community, Waterford Credit Union have put together a list of benefits to shopping locally in Waterford:

Environmental Benefits

Current news and trends have shown that most people are very conscious of their environmental impact. Communities around the world are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by limiting fast fashion purchases, indulging in more ethically-friendly food such as vegan meals, reducing their plastic bottle usage, or even perfecting their recycling practises.

It benefits our local community and creates demand for jobs

Shopping local also supports the wider local economy and community in Waterford. It’s an excellent opportunity to see new businesses continue to open across the county. 

Local businesses across Waterford provide a number of jobs to the people in our community. Shopping local increases demand for these employees. You never know, you may be helping someone get started with their first job!

High quality products

Local businesses are more likely to focus on the quality of the products/services they sell rather than the quantity. Usually their range of products are made to the highest quality, so you know that you and your loved ones are receiving something premium, special and made to last with an added benefit of quicker delivery this Christmas.

Exclusive discounts and offers

Local shops often create deals that help benefit their customers. This is something that larger shops might not necessarily do, resulting in a win-win for both customers looking to make a purchase and the business itself.

Looking for some of those exclusive offers and discounts? Find out more about our Members Reward Card here.

We have put some tips together to help you spend wisely this festive season!

Tip 1 – Make a list & check it twice (at least!)

Be like Santa and make a list!

Make a list of relatives you wish to buy for. Set an overall budget and also how much you intend spending on each person. It is very easy to get side-tracked, confused and spend more than what you intended to.

Also, list the food & drinks you’ll need and how much you plan to spend on them. To help spread the cost of festive food, stock up over the coming weeks. Take advantage of weekly specials i.e. frozen foods/long shelf life foods.

Tip 2 – Stick to your Christmas Budget

If you overspend in one area, cut back somewhere else.

Tip 3 – Kris Kringle / Secret Santa

As so many people are struggling financially this year, do not put yourself under pressure trying to buy for every family member and friend. Suggest doing Kris Kringle. Set a maximum amount to spend on each other e.g. €10/€20

Tip 4 – Shop like your Santa

Santa is always prepared and plans ahead! Some tips when shopping in-store..

  • Set a time limit on your shopping – Get in, get it done and get out so you aren’t tempted to spend more than you want to.
  • Buy less expensive stuff first – If you buy larger and more costly items first you can lose perspective on what is a good price, so set your budget, buy small first, and then tackle the big stuff so you stick to your gift budget.
  • Limit your shopping locations – Only go to shops that you need to visit so you don’t get distracted and impulse buy.                                           
  • Shopping Online
    • Ensure to have your list to hand. When shopping online it is very easy to add more items to your basket that you do not need!
    • Pre-pay – If you buy online, check if there’s an option to pick up in-store. You’ll save delivery cost, and there will be less temptation to buy more.
Tip 5 – Consider your Christmas Credit..

You may be tempted to use your credit card, use a buy now – pay later service or approach high interest money lenders. This can cost you dearly if you find yourself still saddled with Christmas debt well into 2021. Some loan shark interest rates go up to 187.2%. Talk to Waterford Credit Union about a low interest Christmas loan and only borrow what you can afford to pay back.

Contact our lending team at loans@waterfordcu.ie | 051-861 616

Tip 6 – Plan for next Christmas

Consider setting up a Christmas saving account with us in January 2023. It will help you prepare for next Christmas and enjoy your Christmas shopping with a lot less worry. By putting away as little as €10.00 per week you will have €500 by next Christmas.

It’s not all about money! Most importantly ENJOY Christmas with your loved ones. Relax and soak up the magical atmosphere around Winterval, shop local where you can.

Give to those less fortunate – Spread the Christmas cheer by giving to those who are struggling. Consider donating to a charity. Many charities also accept household items, clothes and groceries at Christmas or, you could volunteer your time to help them out.

Need to borrow?

Should you need to borrow, we provide Christmas loans to suit all budgets. 

Contact our lending team today to find out more!

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