Jam Card

Jam Card Friendly

Waterford Credit Union are proud to be one of the 1,800 JAM Card businesses across the world.
Available in card or app form, JAM Card is a discreet, silent and easy device for telling others the you need ‘Just A Minute’ in any scenario.
The JAM Card allows people with learning difficulties, a hidden disabilty, and communication barriers to ask for ‘Just A Minute’ of patience in customer service situations. The member simply presents the card at the counter, whether it’s the physical card or using their mobile phone to show the card through the JAM Card App.
By supporting the JAM Card initiative Waterford CU are helping to improve our members lives in pubic and social situations.
We have some physical cards, if you or someone you know needs a card please email: comms@waterfordcu.ie. Alternatively you can download the JAM Card App.
Square picture of Waterford Credit Union showing that they are JAM Card Friendly