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Terms & Conditions Apply. All figures given on this website are for illustrative purposes only, and to give a rough guide on loan repayment calculations. Any statements on this website do not purport to be authoritative or legally binding. You are advised to check with our offices for up-to-date rates and offers

Benefits of a car loan from
Waterford Credit Union

You may get a lower interest rate from car finance providers but, take the time to research further…

  • With a car loan from Waterford Credit Union you own your car from the outset, which means you can sell or change it anytime.
  • You can pay off your car loan early, make additional lump sum payments or increase your repayments without facing a penalty. Other lenders may charge you extra for paying back your loan ahead of time.
  • You can see exactly where your repayments are going every week/month – how much to loan balance, how much to interest – it’s very transparent.
  • Your Waterford Credit Union loan is insured, at no extra cost to you (some T&C’s apply). Other lenders will charge extra for this.
  • You can drive your new/used car at ease, and not worry about mileage restrictions or problems you may face with the lender when the loan term is up.
  • You can get your car serviced wherever you want. You are not tied down to one garage.
  • You can decide what make of car to purchase next. You don’t have to stay with the same dealer, or stay trapped in a PCP cycle.
  • No Administration or set up fees.
  • When you pay extra off your loan or clear your loan early, you pay less interest. Which means the total amount repayable on your loan could actually be less than the finance provider.  (We calculate our interest on the reducing balance each month so by paying a little extra when you have it you pay less interest over the term of the loan).

Warning: The cost of your repayments may increase.


Waterford Credit Union 3 Car Loan types:

  • Car Loans for private car purchases (less than 20K) 9.99% (APR 10.46%)
  • Car Loans for garage car purchases (less than 20K) 9.49% (APR 9.91%)
  • All Car loans (over 20k) including private or garage purchases 7.99% (APR 8.28%)

Variable Interest Rate: 9.99% (10.46% APR)
Variable Interest Rate: 9.49% (9.91% APR)
Variable Interest Rate: 7.99% (8.28% APR)