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Switcher Loan

If you have an existing loan with another bank, credit union or lender, Waterford Credit Union have created a loan fund of €1 million which is available to both new and existing members looking to switch their personal loan to a new provider.

By switching your loan to Waterford Credit Union you can avail of our competitive switcher loan rates. The more you borrow, the lower the rate.

Not a member? Sign up to Waterford Credit Union and switch your loan today. 

Loans up to €5,000: 9.99% (10.46% APR)

Loans €5,000 – €20,000: 8.99% (9.37% APR)

Loans €20,000 – €100,000: 7.99% (8.29% APR)

Check out our loan calculator to work out a rough estimate of your repayment or contact our lending team who will be more than happy to talk you through your repayment options. 

Note: Personal loan switcher rates also cover PCP balloon payments and Car Loan hire purchase. But do not include loans to clear credit card balances or an overdraft – such loans come under our Fusion loan rate.

€1m Loan Fund Available - Personal Loan

Is your bank leaving the market? Or, do you simply want to avail of a more competitive loan rate from a local lender –  which means local decisions, quicker turn around times, deal directly with your loan provider. If so, Switch your loan to Waterford Credit Union today.

We have made available a loan fund of €1m to lend at three competitive rates depending on how much you need to borrow. 

These competitive loan rates are only available on the first €1m issued, so make sure to get in touch with our lending team and make the switch today!

Secured Home Loan (Mortgage)

Did you know Waterford Credit Union also offer a very competitive mortgage rate? Waterford Credit Union welcomes applications from:

  • First-Time Buyers
  • Switchers 
  • Home-Movers

For full details on our mortgage features and benefits, click here.  

Since 1st January 2019 the Central Bank has developed a list of guidelines which makes it easier for you to switch mortgage providers. These measures can be viewed here.

Current Account - Make The Switch

Waterford Credit Union offers easy and flexible ways to switch your current account provider. So, make the switch today & use Waterford Credit Union for all your banking needs.

We offer extremely competitive current account rates with one of the lowest monthly rates on the market and a globally accepted Mastercard®.

For more information on our fantastic features and benefits, click here.